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Over $5000 in cash and prizes


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Up to the challenge?

Up to the challenge?

John lost 14 lb and 3 inches off waist

Challenge Accepted

Challenge Accepted

Kelly lost 25 lbs and 5 inches off waist

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Mother & daughter joined our challenge

as a couple


•Lose 14-29 pounds of unwanted fat

•Drop 2-4 dress sizes

• Take off 3-7 inches off your waist like former contestants


  • Nutrition plan
  • Grocery lists
  • Weekly report 
  • Weekly weigh in
  • Accountability
  • Access to private support group via Facebook
  • Professional “before” and “after” photo session
  • Live Q&A videos
  • Access to our team of coaches
  • Weekly recipes & meal planning tips
  • Learn how to get fit and stay fit with our program

Is this Challenge for You?

I have a gym membership but haven't seen results


In our 30 minute Bootcamp you can reach proven results with our encouraging instructors. Each class is designed for all levels of fitness to challenge you to be your best.

I have tried “diets” before and haven’t stuck to them


We have a simple plan that you can incorporate into your everyday life and after the challenge is over.

I am too busy and have no time to get into shape


At each location you are free to schedule your class online with a variety of times available. Our 30 minute Bootcamps have proven results

I'm just not motivated to get into shape


Now is a perfect time to join a community of people who are after the same goal and prize. Losing weight will be your only loss by joining this challenge. Gain friendship & support from those on the same mission as you.

I haven't worked out in a long time, I don’t think I can handle it


Everyone has to start somewhere. The instructors know how to ease you into will do great!

I don’t know how to begin


Sign up below for challenge or contact us with questions

I find working out boring


No two Bootcamps will be exactly the same. Each class is packed with resistance training, plyo, HIIT, cardio working different muscle groups each day.

I am afraid this exercise will hurt


At OBC we are experienced instructors, and we train each of our clients at their exercise level so they build muscle and lose weight safely.

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Our Winners

I can honestly say that I haven't had many experiences in my life that have helped me as much as getting involved with Jesse, Tiffany and Vincent through Outlaw Bootcamp and Jesse James fitness. Not only am I in the best shape of my life, I am constantly inspired by the dedication and caring that everyone that works with Jesse and team has for everyone in class and the entire community as a whole. The level of support and effort spent helping local causes is amazing, the whole team is amazing and I appreciate everything they do to help me be better physically, mentally and as a part of the greater community around me.

Total Weight Loss of 14 LBS, 3 inches off waist*

*Results may vary per person

First Place Men's
My husband spent the majority of the summer in the hospital and I gained quite a bit with eating a lot of comfort food and not being able to make it to Outlaw Bootcamp like normal. Before the challenge, I felt like I wasn’t back to where I’d been…but was okay with how I looked and didn’t try really hard.
Second Place Women's
Kayle & Christine
Kayle’s Story
My reasons for joining the challenge were many. I had to do it for my health, I did it for my daughter’s upcoming wedding, and I did it to support a friend. I have never worked out a day in my life, and honestly I was terrified. And if I am truthful, I did not expect to be successful. I have lost weight before, and have always seem to find it again.

Christine’s Story
The reason I joined this challenge, was because I wanted to lose the extra weight I have been packing on over the years, I have not taken care of myself and felt like a challenge like this would jump start me into working out. I was feeling terrible about myself and my appearance, I mentioned the challenge to a good friend at work, I told her I was thinking about joining and next thing I knew we were both signed up. Little did I know what I was in for!!

1st Place Couple
Kayle & Christine
I did the last challenge 6ish months ago and I had great success, but I still had more weight to drop. I stayed motivated for a while and continued to drop, then the holidays happened. I did well because I stayed with these same wonderful people who continue to motivate while I was working out, but I wasn’t dropping weight. Fast forward to January when I was hoping to be where I wanted to be and not “need” to do the challenge, but here I was at the same weight. I started to get mad/sad/complacent and I told myself I was at a good weight, I could maintain this for the rest of my life and not have to make “sacrifices” with my best friend, food. This is my mental game justifying my unhealthy habits (my biggest struggle in life). After the 7th person asked if I was going to join this next challenge I finally gave in, perhaps these people think I need to lose more weight? So I joined, but with different goals this time. Of course I wanted to win and drop weight and change my body, but my goal was to change my mind. I wanted to get to that place at the end of the challenge where food was no longer my best friend and I would use it as fuel.
Most Weight Lost
First Place Men'sJohnSecond Place Women'sKelly1st Place CoupleKayle & ChristineMost Weight LostMonica

Prizes & Categories


First Place Men's & Women's


-prize for both categories-

$500 Cash
Unlimited Bootcamp Package:
2 months free for you
1 month free for a friend


Second Place
Men's & Women's


-prize for both categories-

$250 Cash
Unlimited Bootcamp Package:
1 month free for you
1 month free for a friend


Third Place Men's & Women's


-prize for both categories-

Unlimited Bootcamp Package:
1 month free for you and 1 month free for a friend


First Place Couples


$500 Cash ($250 each)
Unlimited Bootcamp Package:
1 months free for each winner

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How Much Does It Cost?

Prices for Members & Non-Members

 Includes registration fee and one 6 week OBC package. A couple can be a friend, family member or significant other.

 Individuals compete with other challengers for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Men’s or Women’s Grand prize winning. Couples compete with other couples for 1st place couples Grand Prize winning.



Take as many classes as you like with our unlimited fitcamp package at your nearest location

Individual $340 Couple $600



Fantastic, you already love Bootcamp, now ready to take it up a notch by registering for the challenge

Individual $149Couple $298


Challenge Rules

  • Check-in is mandatory for this challenge
  • Check in measurements and before photo are required*
  • Final measurements and after photo are required*
  • Weekly weigh ins are not mandatory but highly recommended for best experience in this challenge

*If requirements are not met, participant will be disqualified from receiving the Grand Prize

I’m prepared for this challenge, and I’m gonna put both feet in for six weeks!

Flower Mound


Offering Classes 6 days a week

Hickory Creek


Offering Classes 6 days a week

Little Elm


Offering Classes 6 days a week


Offering Classes 6 days a week

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